Whirley Pop Fun..

Lily and I bought The Whirley Pop popcorn popper for daddy over the holidays. This family loves their popcorn, and we had visions of perky kernels bouncing in our heads. The Whirley Pop comes complete with kernels, instructions and, an 'oh so' exciting recipe book. First up on my list, caramel and peanut corn!!

I spent thirty minutes unwrapping these little caramels, but I knew, in my heart, it would be worth it. The anticipation was almost to much. My saliva glands were in full over load. I popped the perfect pot of corn, melted my caramels as instructed by the official hand guide to the Whirley Pop popcorn popper.
And then..

What the What! I had a congealed foot high glob of ... this! Creamy and delicious..not at all. A beautiful mixture of salt and sugar in every bite..not at all. In fact, all the peanuts were still on the plate. Of course I had three girlfriends over for this momentous experience. They still ate it, smiling and nodding to imply it was super delicious.
That is what friends are for. Even in failure, they make you feel successful.
hmm, I feel I should add, that I still love my Whirley Pop (hot buttered popped corn three nights in a row). Perhaps, yes, you are right to suggest I've a small bitterness towards the cookbook. Lets face it, it was a giant let down. But, that, like many things, in time, will pass.

'Tis the Season...

....to be jolly. Merry Christmas everyone. A little peak into our lives of late.

Lights, Camera, Action..

The kitchen was finished yesterday morning. The crew arrived in the afternoon. It was cookie making day, live on TV, with famous girl about town Tamara Taggart.

All my fretting, all my concerns about the house, the kitchen, my face, remembering to swallow my saliva...mattered not one bit. From the very beginning, and for the entire two hours, my girl Midge, stole the show.

Hi my name is Heather, I'm a professional stylist for magazines and...oh, who the hell cares, lets just see this kid ice the cookies.

I know I couldn't have carried off this look. And no one would have been charmed if I took off my pants and skipped about the house singing.

Tamara and the crew were fabulously fun to have in my home. It was my husbands birthday, and boy, it's was a memorable one!

Wonder Woman..Nah..Just a Mom

I feel, some days, that if I spun around, arms out like a ballerina, that I do have a small chance of turning from Diana Prince, into Princess Diana - aka Wonder Woman.

In between making Canadiana sugar cookies for my upcoming TV segment next week, I'm renovating, decorating and trying to be a festive, fun loving mom.

Being careful not to confuse the piping icing with the thin set tile binder. Remarkably similar in texture and look. Hmm, a possible time saver option..

Lily, or Midge as we love to call her, is discovering Christmas and all it's magic.

I think she believes Christmas means candy.

My helper this season - Pip. A magical elf that watches over Lily. He disappears at night, flying back to Santa to report on her progress. Every day, he perches some place new and we have to find him . Pip is fantastic, says nothing, and is not allowed to be touched - the magic disappears if he's manhandled! I have to say, he has a fabulous amount of power over a two year old.

Once Upon a Frosty Morning..

Once upon a frosty morning..we took the day off.
Everything was frozen and beautiful.

We took pictures of ourselves, without makeup or chapstick.

The rose hips were brilliant.
We said good morning to Jerry.

And mailed our first letter to Santa.

A Can of Paint Saves the Day..

I strayed. I strayed from my norm, and boy, it was bad. I'm a white and cream girl, love the two together, love the two apart. I strayed. Brown. Yes, Brown. A very dark chocolate brown entered our world on Saturday. I went into complete meltdown mode. Cream and brown, I wanted to barf.

Last night, a very crisp shade of white entered our world. Simply White by Benjamin Moore. It's fresh, it's perky, and I am calm once again.

We're living out of my office. But, the good news, is we don't have to live out of the bathroom sink any longer. Ew. The old sink fits the new cut out till the new sink arrives...someday.

Midge, my assistant, has been camping out at Grandmas to avoid the various stinks. She had to try out the new spacious counter top. She approves!