Ok Ok, I Get it..

Ok, Ok, I won't convert the greenhouse into a chicken coop.  This potato is on your side too.  I pulled it up the other day for dinner, and it seems that his vote is the same as most of yours - he loves the greenhouse too.
I ate it by the way.

The farm is doing really well.  Pies are selling, berries are really selling.

Jams are flying out the door, and I've next to no garlic left.
It's only been two weeks and I have a month to go.  Yikes.

My little Midge has found a love for hammocks...

..and, after a nasty ear infection and trip to the doctor, a love of fruit loops. 
We blame daddy for this.  He will give her anything if she asks.

So, I will counter those fruit loops, with homemade fruit pops,

out to the garden..

mash each fruit separately, and strain the raspberries.  I add agave nectar to sweeten - the amount is up to you - regular sugar will work too, but may be gritty.  I also add a few heaping tablespoons of organic planin yogurt to smooth it out.  Pour in layers into cups.

extra can be made into cubes for snacks or drinks


There we go.  I feel better and so does she.

To Garden, To Gather or to Roost...

Yes, here I am in my gum boots.  I told you they're my favourite foot wear.  I'm working on my greenhouse here for a story we did for Country Living a few years ago.
Speaking of...
I have a question - and I know the answer already, but I'm interested in your opinion.

This little greenhouse that my husband built me for a wedding present has seen it's share of photo shoots.
We shoot here annually for the local organic gardener.  We've had models - male and female - all lovely posing in October pretending it's a spring day. 

It's been a glamorous gathering spot for the ladies - and apparently a place I paint!??  What?

And for years, it's served a purpose.

I want these.  Well, not these ones exactly, but the pretty ones with bonnets and anklets. 
So you know where I'm going with this.
Can it now be a cute home for the chickens?
All images but the last are by my sweet friend Janis Nicolay.

Lazy Days of Summer...

Keeping cool in the sun.

The blueberries are coming along

Chamomile.  Never planted it, but each year, it comes up.

Bhudda came on our picnic.  Turns out, he loves blueberries!

To the beach for a bbq to end the day.
What did you do this weekend?

100 Posts, and it's all Good!

This is my 100th Post.  How 'bout that!   If I could, I'd give you all a giant bouquet of flowers.

Today was a good day. 

I had an interview with the local paper about my life and how I juggle being a farmer and a stylist.

Then, I drove to Vancouver and delivered my first cases of jam to a big and very trendy grocery chain.  Urban Fare. 
They had my stickers in place already.  I was very excited by this.  I waited for the stock boy to come out, but no luck.

And now, my husband has a glass of wine waiting for me.  The light was so pretty, I took a photo.

I end with this, because it's just happy, like me.

How to Eat a Blueberry..

I present to you..
Two ways to enjoy the first berries of the season..
1.  Pick the perfect berry.

2.  Eat it.
(closing your eyes enhances the moment - the same applies to singing Brandy (you're a fine girl)
You know what I'm saying.

The second way..a tad more savage, but equally effective.
1.  Take two handfuls of berries.

2.  Stuff them in fast...chew.

Allison over at The Life of a Novice! sent me this award two weeks ago.  We were just going away, so I am now sending my thanks to her!
I must now share 7 things about myself..
1.  I'm eating a Peanut Buster Parfait from Dairy Queen.  How very un-organic of me.
2.  I secretly have the hots for Kid Rock.  He's a red neck beer singing fool, and damn, I like it.
3.  I can't keep a house plant alive, and frankly, don't want to.
4.  I had a big fight with my husband this morning.
5.  One of my favourite movies is Captain Ron.
6.  People magazine called three weeks ago and asked if I could style a shoot with Sheryl Crow and Sarah McLachlan - I didn't want to do it.
7.  I only have six. 

Time to Open ...

Well it's that time.  Time to open up the farm tomorrow.  Every Friday and Saturday beginning July 9th from 10am till 2pm until early September.
Ok, you're right, that's not a clock, it's the garlic scale.  But it worked for my title - no?


This is my Shabby Shack here at Missing Goat farm.  It's seen many photo sessions, renovations, make overs and visitors.  We've had parties, cooked in the old stove inside, drank wine, and had pumpkin carving sessions in the fall.  Oh, it's also seen a naked Bride and Groom covered in bubbles in the tub we use to have in there.  Very long story.

Now, it's also home to this robin and her three wee babes. 
Of course, they have nested right by the door.

So, if you live nearby, come visit.  The berries aren't ready yet, but we have some of the garlic we grew, jams, chutneys, and an amazing coffee from Nova Scotia that is organic, free trade and bloody tasty!
Berries will be in soon, as summer seems to have finally come the west coast.

I Had a Holiday..

I've been absent.  I spent six days at our cabin in the gulf islands.  I've so much to show you, so I'll keep my text super brief. 
I present... a little slice of BC's Gulf Islands.

Our view.

The Island cliffs.

The ground is covered in this in some spots...

..this on the edges..

..and this on the paths.

lots of rows.

lots of quiet.

Every day, we had this little guy to our left..

This big boy above our heads..

..and these two to our right.
No power, no phones, no computer, no cars.
I feel better.