Choking on my Spit...

We had our first snowfall.  About 5 inches. 

Very pretty.

Last week, I was told an interview I did about a year and a half ago was starting air all over the US.
It was for Roadtrip Nation - students looking to speak with people who have followed their dreams.
Looking for inspiration..looking direction.
I was one of those people.

I didn't think I would share this with all of you. 
Nerves, fear, doubt, resurfacing stalkers from the past.
But then I went back to visit the interview today.
I found another section under the media tab.  It has three other short interviews.
One was titles titled 'To choke or not to choke`
after I watched this clip, all about how I choke on my spit when in front of a camera, I thought ..
ok, this is something to share!
Have a laugh, get to know me a bit, and please, be kind.

Hello Sweet Friend...

My first Holiday treat. 
A gift from a sweet lady and fellow blogger.

Card said Enjoy!

So...what's a girl to do!?

 As she's told. 

Visit my friend 'Rosie' for the recipe
So very yum.

Sneak Peak...

I dropped in on Angela - the hostess to the Festive Nest "Christmas in the Barn" sale this weekend.
OH!!!!  What a happy handmade sale this will be.

I do believe, it's something you shouldn't miss!!

Paperwhites - love them.

handmade linen bags..all sorts.

A wreath made from musical sheet paper...

Happy little snowy nests...

Adorable gifts for kids...

And of course, glitter!!  Glitter, Glitter, Glitter!!!
What else did I see..
white painted furniture, antique jewellery, chalkboards on old silver serving trays, stockings, candelabras,
so many things.  
Angela is serving hot cider to guests, and I believe I have talked her into a bon fire out front!??  Have I Angela?? 
November 13th and 14th 
10am - 5pm
632  192nd Street (off 8th Ave), South Surrey

*Wait - I will be there with the new Missing Goat blueberry syrup too!!!  

Planning a Birthday..

Three.  My girl is three. 
A week before her birthday, a package arrived.
From Europe - Austria to be exact!! 

A present from a sweet blogger and etsy designer Kiki La Rue.
A gift for my girl on her birthday.

A festive cake bunting - which inspired the days decor.

A bunting bonanza!

My friend Janis over at Pinecone Camp (who has been photographing Midge since day one) sent me this.
The best gift ever.  

Thank you Janis and Kiki for making the day so special.

One of These Things...

It's like the farm is on fire these days.

The blueberry bushes are blazing red.

The Japanese Maples are spectacular.

The dried echinacea and  sunflowers are beautiful.

Even a missing goat has to stop and look back.

And if you have to search for slugs, what prettier place than under blazing red bushes.
Hmm.  It was taking this shot that lead me to a few epiphanies.
1.  Taking pictures of ducks is really hard..and...

2.  One of these things is not like the other!
It's that wee curl in the feather - do you see it.  It doesn't seem like much.
But believe me, it is something!
That tiny added volume on Poppy's behind ...well, it doesn't mean she's been up early using a hot iron or rollers.  It means only one thing.
Poppy is a Pepper.
Or in more simple terms - she is a he.