Yoga with Mabel...

When Mabel isn't foraging for food, possibly laying an egg?? or sleeping, I've caught the odd glimpse of her trying to teach yoga.

I believe, and correct me if I'm wrong, this is Kundalini.

Poppy caught sight of this..

...and gave it a go.  But, being a boy, it was awkward and hard to watch.
I looked away, busying myself with a button on my sweater.

He moved on.

On the egg front...we are getting an egg a day.
I still don't know by whom!

In your honest opinion, do you think I over shot on purchasing the egg basket so soon?


I was going to do a post on the garlic coming up in the exciting this was!  
A sign of Spring! 
Ahh, the dew drops. 
You know, that sort of thing..but then
something happened.

It was just a regular day. 
We'd had breakfast, planned out our day and then, I went to let the ducks out.
And this is where things changed in my life forever.

There it was. 
Very unexpected.  Very hard to see.
Dropped on the middle of the floor like a bad penny.
An egg. 
Our first egg from the ducks.
My first egg ever on my own farm.
I wasn't eggspecting this sort of thing till Spring!

I don't know who laid this egg. 
Mabel?  Olive??  We know it wasn't Poppy. 
They aren't talking.


 I have my suspicions.  Olive seemed particularly proud today.
Maybe she feels like I do after I loose three pounds during hot yoga.
I have to say, I was torn between eggcitement and being a tiny bit grossed out.

But, I got over that.

And I have to was an eggcellent fried egg sandwich.

Whole Wheat Rice Crispie Squares..Seriously!

I picked up the book Deceptively Delicious - how to fool your kids and slip healthy bits into their food. 
Does it work - no, but we are enjoying the meals while our girl eats yogurt, toast and shredded cheese.
There is one though - one miracle recipe that is a big hit...
It's whole wheat organic rice crispie squares with flax meal! 

Put one package of marshmallows in a pot with 1 tablespoon butter or margarine.

I love that she doesn't think I will notice all the wee bites out of the marshmallows.
Melt them on the stove.

Now here is the twist..add six cups of organic whole wheat rice crispies and 1/4 cup of ground flax meal.
Mix it all up and drop it into a lightly buttered dish to cool.

Clean up.

Just like the regular squares, but deceptively nutritious!

So, the name and principal works.. in this case.

But, try pulling the 'cocoa with sweet potato' wool over on a 9 year old - it's not pretty.

And when you realize she has eaten a quarter of the pan, you think..hey, super, she's had her fair share of ruffage!

I have been awarded three stylish blogger awards in the last two days.  I blush! 
Thank you to:
Maureen of Mo Funk Designs

Something you don't know about me..
I'm learning to play the guitar so I can sing around our fire pit.  You are all welcome to join me.
I will serve homemade marshmallow shots with Baileys.

Who I love following right now:

Things that Shock, Rock or Just Plain Suck..

I'm desperate for spring, and it's snowing again.
This orchid branch I bought for a photo shoot perked me up...
..till I had to leave it at their house.
That gets a big Suck!

This is Deep Cove - I love this small village/town in North Vancouver - this place is a Rock!
We were here on the weekend shooting a spectacular home on the ocean.
We went to shoot the en suite bathroom and in the giant mirror, above the his and her sinks, coming through the glass...can you even guess!!??  A TV.  Yes, a television was in the mirror - just the image - no frame or sign of the TV if it wasn't turned on. 
This brought on a mixture of emotions.  At first, Shock! .. and a tiny bit of a 'this sucks' too - for us anyway!

What also sucks is that TV is highlighted in yellow in this paragraph, and I can't make it go away.

My new favourite store found in Deep Cove - Room 6
Big Rock!

Carrot chips..

I've tried them three ways and they really really really suck.

My little nephew turned one.
 These happy cake fingers Rock! girl is in her first 'parent free' swim class. 
That Rocks!
And now, as I was just reviewing my post, I noticed I have 666 followers!!!
Sweet Peter Paul and Mary! 
Can someone/anyone just please follow me to get that number off my site!

I Love BC...

The last three days have been spectacular - really cold, but spectacular! 
I had my tenth wedding anniversary on the 30th, and my sweet fella gave me a new camera!!
I loved my old camera, but it was about 8 years old, and had some flaws.
HOWEVER... my new camera is bloody fabulous!
So, I present to you, some reasons I love living here in BC, captured through a new lens, altered in no way by photo shop... 

Even the lemon tarts are the divine in BC. 
There is a bakery on the way to the beach and they make the best lemon tarts I have ever had. 
Though, I ask you all - or rather I ask all you who also love the lemon tart...
has anyone else ever noticed, just from time to time... when you eat a lemon tart, there is a slight, or rather just a wee hint of..well, the taste of how a wet dog smells?
Is it just me?
Oh yes, Happy New Year to everyone!