My Sweet Friend...

I spent the day with my friend Rosie yesterday.  Rosie owns the best bakery in Vancouver named Butter.
What have I learnt from Rosie since she opened the bakery?  Well, aside from all the fabulous help with my Missing Goat products, I have learnt, that really good things come in green boxes.

Rosie is now making cake bombs. 
Little bundles of joy wrapped in chocolate. 
Two biters if you are amongst society, one if you are alone in your car.
This is not just crumbled cake guished into a ball (which to be honest, is far too man handled for my liking)  This is more. heavenly.

My girl was overjoyed by them.  But,
when I told her she had to wait till I was done taking pictures, her face went from this.. this.

Can there be a flaw? 
Can there be a negative comment about these bombs?

But it's not Butter or the bombs flaw.
It's mine.

I am weak. 
I ate three of them, along with 8, maybe 9, (I lost track) rum balls she also gave me.

I noticed my girls broken ballerina, and wondered how many rum balls she'd eaten.

By the way Rosie, you get the big seal of approval from Midge.
Nothing left but the crumb on her lip.
We will no longer be getting cupcakes when we come, we'll be getting bombs.
Can't wait for your new blog to start!

Frosty Wood...

This post is simple.

I became obsessed with the sparkles on frosty wood.

An ugly duck-ling moment..
Though, it's only fair to say...that I think we have all had moments like this.
Though, perhaps, instead of water, a bag of chips, or say..half a dozen cupcakes.
We can only hope/pray, there is not some freak with a camera
lurking when these moments hit.
Sorry Mabel.

Each Morning...

Each morning, we chop something up for the girls.
Kale, swiss chard or arugula are their snacks of choice.
Spoilt Ducks!

Passing the veggie garden, we take note of the chives height.
When they get tall enough, I'll make the perogies again and share the recipe.

We let the girls out.  They immediately run for water.
We gather an egg...

..or two!
Yes, we know get two eggs a day.
Now we'll never know who started laying an egg first.  Guess it doesn't matter.
But what will we do with the night vision goggles and repelling rope?
 Our neighbours must think us insane!

Have a great week.

What I've learnt..

That if the egg is not in the nest...check the bushes!
Sneaky duck.
What I still haven't learnt.. is who is laying these?!!  Recon mission..anyone in?

Sadly, I learnt the Cloverdale Antique Mall is closing.  big sigh.
One of my favourite places to escape to.
I grabbed a deal on shutters though!

What almost none of you know, is that my husband built me my own private commercial
kitchen for Missing Goat Farm. 
What I learnt a few days ago, is that it has passed inspection!

And last night, I learnt that I CAN make perogies!

I tried a new dough recipe with sour cream in it - WOW!  so much easier to work with.

I made yam, leek and smoked gouda perogies.

Part two tonight - I have about 50 more to make and pop in the freezer.
What did you learn lately?