Party Party Party...

My girl turned 5.  
It's been three days of parties.
Friends, family and then school.

The theme was 'fairies'

...and pink.

..remember this guy...

He fluttered over the table next to the giant flowers and floating mushrooms.
hmm, that takes me back to high school..

The tiny dancers got their wings and floated on the marshmallow icing.
12 giddy girls, screaming and laughing.
My sister doing sticker nail art, my niece crafting her heart out.
And then..moving on to day two..

20 family members.
I impressed them with my first attempt at macaroons.
They weren't so hard!  
I'm going to see if my Pinecone camp friend wants to have a macaroon day with me.
She's going to want to go gluten, dairy and sugar free though.
forget it, anyone else interested?

Then, day three.  The actual birthday.
It's a school day, so I decided to give baby caramel apples a try.
A mom at school told me about this.

scoop them out with a melon ball scoop and poke in a stick.

Dip them in caramel sauce.

well, in reality, this wasn't such a great idea.
The caramel doesn't stick to the exposed apple.  It all stayed on the paper.
So, I pulled it off and wrapped it around the tops like a scarf.
There was a chill in the air today, so it seemed appropriate.

I then drizzled chocolate over them.
All were devoured, and I will admit, I ate a few, dropped two, and threw away the truly ugly.
Ok, I ate the truly ugly ones too.
They are only one bite.


Robin Larkspur said...

Five years old! Wow!!
Love all the treats. LOL! You ate the "ugly ones too"!!

Tammy Chrzan said...

What a fabulous idea! Because the whole caramel apple never gets eaten and so much gets wasted, so we have to find a way to get it all to stick :) Because I have to try this!
Also, Happy Birthday to your little angel! Hannah, my princess will be 8 in January and her party will have the theme of "Mermaids", she wants an under the sea party... oh boy! I see work in my future! I've already started all of the research!
I enjoyed your photos and I wish we could have made the party!

julieann said...

It looks like a sweet party for a sweet girl. Oh to have a 5 year old again. I so miss those days.Nice job on the party Mom she will never forget it.

hardydanielle said...

WOW! what a beautiful party! your girl is so blessed :) and I'm always in awe of moms that put together such beautiful celebrations.

5 is big :) yay!!