In My Garden...

The tree peony opened.
It's very big.
How big...

This big.

Bleeding Hearts are out and looking lovely.

And this time of year - our farm becomes a tribute to the colour yellow.
I have to admit, even they look pretty.

Some flowers are losing all their petals in the wind.
We spent a lot of time trying to capture it on film.

And we finally did.

The ladies are out and about.

The blueberries are blooming, so the bees are out too.

And there are enough herbs in the garden to finally bring some in the kitchen.

Would You Like To...

I get asked about teaching classes on making old fashioned jams.. 

photo by Janis Nicolay

..making pie - including the crust - from scratch..

..and homemade bread.  
So, I ask you...

Would you want to learn any of these things here at the farm?
That is if you live near enough!
Just curious, so please let me know.

Where's the Wood Pile Gone?

I found this little egg shell in the grass today.  
I'd like to believe it was there because the little bird burst forth 
with such enthusiasm, he sent the shell flying from the nest.
Realistically, I know it was a nest thief.
Speaking of thieves... 

I turned around and caught this action going on...

Our wood pile has been getting lower..

and now, I know why.

He did this over and over and over again.

Luckily, he just takes it to the other side of the fire pit.

A Walk in the Woods..

After dinner, we go for 'family' walks in the woods.
This is what my wee girl calls them.

One block from our house, there is a small lush forest.

I love this place.

We gather wild flower bouquets..

...but never pick the trilliums.
Picking them can starve and kill the plant.
And no one wants that.

Crazy kids have built giant mountain bike ramps.
I don't think their mothers know about this.

The same crazy kids appear to be in love.

Answer the Door...

When the dream comes knocking..

But it requires a sacrifice...

Do you let it in?

A Very Long Weekend..

Hope you had a lovely Easter Weekend.
I found a new love..
butter with honey and cinnamon on French Toast or pancakes.
Give it a try!

We had six whole days to work on the farm as a family.

Though, sometimes, kids and chickens had to wait a few minutes...

We were able to get the vegetable garden planted.

Fire pit wood stacked.

Roasting sticks - ready.
And endless other chores done.

For the first time ever, the dog laid down.

Sometimes, in the winter..

..we wonder why we live here.

Then we have days like these, and we know why.

A Bit of Time to Myself...

Once again, the Easter bunny has left eggs on our fence...

Course, we know it's our neighbour.
Today, he even came to get her to take her to see the 'Easter Bunny' who was in his yard.

I spent the day soaking cocoa peat and adding it to the strawberry beds.

Regular peat is a big no no now.
The peat bogs are being depleted, so now, we use ground coconut.

Everyone has to get up in your business here.
You're never alone in my garden.

Except at the end of the day, when there are a few rays of sun left.
I grab my camera and sneak off.