A Broody Week...

Just last year, my sweet Johnny Drama was just a wee girl.
So full of herself.

She still is full of herself, but I like that about her.
Last week, she went broody.  
What the heck is that?
She decided she was going to have a baby.  
So she sat for days in the coop.  
Whether there was an egg in there or not.

We don't have a rooster, so as some of you know, 
outside of some sort of immaculate conception event, 
she doesn't have a hope in hell of a chick popping out of those eggs.  

So, while life continued on for everyone else in the family...

Johnny spent two days in the dog crate up on a roosting stick cooling off her bits. 
(these two have daily starring contests) 

She is back to herself now. 
Have your chickens gone broody before? 

Anyone live nearby?  
I've got garlic scapes to share if you want some.
They make a great pesto!

He's Cute, But a Little Wack...

The sun came out..and so did Mrs. Swallow...

...also out in my garden are the peonies.
So many peonies...

So we all had a smell...

..even the dog.

It ended up raining, so we decided to blow bubbles on the deck.

I always thought kids were crazy over bubbles...

.....at least they never ate them.

Happiness Is...

finding the last piece of apple pie in the morning

that the shop is one month away from opening

finding one last good thing about a peony that is spent

A Little Trooper...

Every meal in our home is now photographed for the book.
Breakfast, lunch, dinner and all in between.

These are some out-takes that won't be making the hard copy.

I have to say, my girl is a real trooper.
She's amazing.
And though she does get annoyed with me and my camera at times...

She is a real pro.
Here to get the job done, no matter what.

But I keep telling her 
We're here for a good time
Not a long time
So have a good time
The sun can't shine everyday.

Sun Run..

The blueberries are forming
and the sun came out!

So we all ran down the hill...

..one by one..

..and two by two.

After weeks of sloth like activity, this was too much for some.