It's Bean...

I'm done the book.
That was a lot of work.

I'm beside myself with joy.
Super exciting and so very nervous.
I'm also beside a lot of figs.

So, because I haven't been able to share any recipes with you for what seems like forever..

Here is an easy one for a quick fig jam.
1 pound of figs
1/3 cup of port
1/3 cup honey
1/4 cup sugar
options: the zest of half an orange

Quarter your fresh figs, put everything in a pot.  
Bring to a boil, then reduce the heat and boil gently for ten minutes.
Stirring often.
Serve on some delicious brie and crackers like I did.
So good.
Keep in fridge for 2 weeks.

What else did I find in the garden..

..edamame beans are ready.

..and what I first believed were sickly neglected pole beans...

..were not pole beans at all.

It's bean.
But not pole bean.
They are black beans for storing away.


The doors are now closed to our little Shabby Shack.
To me, the season is over.

When the grass gets this tall..

..and the acorns have formed.

When the clematis is naked...

..but the anemonies are in full bloom.
It's time.
These are the signs.


I'm mentally confused.
I have giant fruit harvests daily.  
More figs and strawberries than I know what to do with.
Do you?

I feel like fall has crept in..

Like things have taken on a new look that is less than pretty.

But at least I have my girls to eat some of those things.

And we can always come inside to warm cinnamon bread.
Another sign of fall.  

On another subject that is entirely not creepy..
I had some lovely visitors from Nesting Journal come by.
They have posted a story/interview that I hope you will enjoy.
Thank you Caitlin, Owen and sweet little Luce.
This Saturday from 10am till 2pm is the last time the Shabby Shack will be open this season.
Hope you can come by.  

Zucchini Give Away Day...

This Saturday the 11th is yet another exciting 
Zucchini give away day!!!

We've still got lots of these too!
You can order ahead or take your chances on a Saturday.

I feel like summer is ending.
The garden is starting to fade..

..and I guess so am I.
I'm starting to get very emotional about my girl going to kindergarten.
Elated, excited, and 'what will I do with myself...'
I want to cry too.

Who's That Girl...

...and that guy?
I'm ashamed of myself for not doing this weeks ago.
Please meet
Alexandra and Shogo.
My lovely farm managers.

Alexandra is the gentle voice on the phone who calls you back.
Alexandra responds to your emails and helps you to the car with your orders.
Alexandra is...well, she is just wonderful.
And so is their fabulous crew.
I'm so glad to have these great people on board this summer.

Some others that you have already met, but probably don't know how hard
they are working on the farm this summer... small blueberry dust busters...

..and my large blueberry shop vac.

In My Garden...

Summer heat is here, and so are the party lanterns.
My dear friend Kim came out on Friday to shoot some lifestyle shots of us for the book.
It was so much fun, and damn she made me look good.

The garlic is ready, and I have to say, I get really giddy over this.

..and I'm not the only one. 
Nothing like a freshly emptied vegetable bed to make the girls smile.

I'm starting to wrap up the book - it's all due this August.
I have a few more weeks to go, and then, I believe it's all photographed and written.
I'm off for a gin and tonic...extra lime.
Hope your summer is going fabulously.