It all started out nicely, then ended very bad

The weekend started out really well. My dad is here for a visit, he and my girl harvested all the potatoes from the garden. This little pansy was rescued by Lily and put in a vase.

We hit crescent beach for an after dinner walk and play in the sand.

Picked and ate all the strawberries from the patch.
And then, it took a sharp turn from sunny happy summer days, to fevers, projectile vomiting and tears. My poor girl was up all night with a 103.5 temp and nausea. Seems to be passed now. She's sleeping peacefully and her temp is down. Boy, that came out of nowhere. I need to blog about parenting and get tips from other moms.


kate said...

hi heather! aww, look at those toes in the sand. she's so big now! i hope she's feeling better. that must have been scary.

janis nicolay said...

It's always amazing how much vomit a small child can come up with!
Poor Lily. Poor you too! She looks like a very good potato picker.

Heather Cameron said...

It's shocking the amount of vomit that can come out of a 22 month old. It's also shocking the distance it can fly.