My Pride and Joy..AAAHH, run a dragon!

This is my pride and joy in the vegetable patch this summer.

This is usually how my onions look every year.

To put it in perspective for you - these are the two together.

This beast of a dragonfly got in the house today - sent Lily screaming from the house. Gave me a bit of a fright too!


mise @ pretty far west said...

This isn't to do with the onions but I have to say I so love your title bathroom picture. That shade of aquamarine on the bath exterior is just perfect and the whole look is so airy and charming. I'm enjoying your blog and looking forward to reading more.

koralee said...

Wow... those are impressive onions...great images today...I don't blame Lily for running away screaming...I would do the same thing...Drangonflys are not my favourite creatures.

janis nicolay said...

Oh H, you would laugh at my wild vegetable patch. Patch being the perfect word. Tiny, messy but I think we'll end up with something to eat. Oh city life.