Things that I ...immensly!

Perhaps it's because I've had no sleep with Lily being sick, but today I am irked - in a very big way. So this is my new segment that I will call "Things that I!"

1. This shoot (above) that I did for O at Home magazine last fall. NIGHTMARE

2. Buying a tea towel that isn't even remotely absorbent. Water repellent in fact.

3. The fact that today at the clinic with my very sick toddler, no one even offered to let me go ahead of them. I waited with her for forty minutes while she quietly cried and I prayed that she wouldn't vomit. Though, perhaps that could have been just what they needed. Where has kindness gone.


koralee said...

Oh Heather...I can so daughter stepped on a pair of sharp scissors...slicing her foot wide open...we went to the walk in clinic...the grump of a nurse said we HAVE to wait our turn{at least 30mins} my daughter is bleeding to death...but ours was a happy ending...all the people in the waiting room which was 6...looked at the nurse and said, "are you crazy!!!? ...let her go ahead of us"
I would of let you go ahead...lesson learned.
Anyways I love your new segment...I always have things to beef about...and YES..those yucky towels is truely one of them!

Hope your daugher is feeling better really soon...and thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog...

Heather Cameron said...

Hi Koralee
Thank you for sharing - it is nice to know there are still some kind people out there. How awful for your daughter, I would lose it if that were me. It's so hard to see then sick or hurt and you can't do anything but cuddle them.
Stupid tea towels, who makes those!?

janis nicolay said...

Ahh, humans. I think I would let you go before me, because I couldn't stand the site of vomit!! Oh, and don't buy cute linen towels because they do nothing, except look cute.
You must feel quite pleased that O At Home is no more! Take that O!
Hope your day gets better H.