Cupcakes..The Short Story..

A fellow blogger made a comment on my last post. He.. (oh hey... perhaps that is where the ... problem ... or lack of understanding comes from - he who does not understand is a he)
He, this fellow blogger, does not understand what all the fuss is about cupcakes.
Fair enough. He gets excited over stone... this passes over me like a faint spring breeze. I acknowledge it, but it didn`t rock my world. Pun intended.
I went back through some posts as Lily wanted to see the pictures. I realized I have posted about cupcakes three times - now four - since starting to blog last August.

It goes without saying, that an ever so slightly warm cupcake, freshly made, and ultra moist, brings me utter joy.
Cupcakes are small, giving me the false sense of being dainty. They are self sustaining. In a pinch, neither plate nor napkin necessary. By using one less napkin, you are helping to save the planet.
One can feel better about oneself after eating a single cupcake. The alternative being the savage attack and devouring of half a cake. Women armed with a dessert fork and a spare five minutes are a force not to reckoned with.
When I asked three giddy girls if they wanted to make cupcakes or cookies this past weekend - they gleefully screamed CUPCAKES!
Maybe it is yet another side of women that men will never understand. Romance, ballroom dancing, cupcakes. Who can explain any of it.

Before I go, it must be said, it must be shared. The dark side of the cupcake. The sorrow and the pain that comes from dry cake or plastic icing.
Just as in life, looks can be deceiving. Dolled up cupcakes with dragets and swirls. You know the ones..icing three inches high. If they weren`t so sweet, I`d call them tarts!
Sadly, even though they are trashy, and taste like a shoe insert, you still eat them.
There is shame, but we move on.
Am I alone here..
Have you had the perfect cupcake..and if so, where!!!
Oh, and do they deliver to Canada.