A Blob or a Swirl..

I am trying to understand something today.  It's not life and death, and it's not even important.  It's just something that makes me go..hmm??.  It's been going on since I first met my husband..so, gee, that's about 20 years now.  I have to say, it drives me crazy.
 I thought I would put it out there, to you, my fellow bloggers, and see if you have any insight on this topic.
We had burgers last night. 
My husband blobs his mustard and mayo on the bun as seen above.  I spread it evenly from side to side, achieving maximum coverage and continuity in every bite. 
So I ask you..do you blob or do you swirl your condiments?
If you are a blobber - WHY? 
Is it a form of artistic expression?  A free spirit application?  Are you allowing your mustard to make the choice on it's own?  Would that be considered Free Range Mustard?
*Please don't point out my need for control or perfection - I am aware of this issue and am working towards a solution.

On another note..

HGTV Style Sheets is featuring my bathroom - Most of have seen this and know the details, but if you are new, pop over and have a read.