Girlfriends, Nieces and the Nephew who Hid..

My husband went out of town this weekend, so I called the girls.  Turns out the niece and nephew were coming for a sleep over too.  The nephew laid low - far to many girls for his liking.
Lily and I did some pretty, yet functional decorating.   A lighted path that leads to the fire pit.  Nothing says funs over like a face plant in the dark. 

We have a lot of cedar bits from the fence.

Yes, it's as good as it looks.
  My neice thought so too.

We did potluck, but as Lily is getting her last set of molars, she's a bit feral.  That being said, no way in hell I was going to get her to the store to buy something to drink for everyone.

So, thought I'd give homemade ice tea a go.  Add three to five tea bags to boiled water.. I found five bags made it too strong for me.  Steep five minutes.  Cool down, then place in fridge to get really cold.

Add sugar when the liquid is hot, then it disolves. 
You can have sugar syrup on hand to sweeten it more if your guests like.  I did.

...some lemon and mint..

Look, it's a refreshing beverage.

it was a good night.