Have You Ever...

Eaten an entire bowl of jello.
I did today.
The whole house is sick.  The dog, the duck, the wee girl and the husband. 
I had a quiet moment for the first time in a week, and since no one else was eating it..

Once everyone woke up, I told a lie.  I just had to get out.
I said I had to give the ducks some water and I ran outside (with the camera and my cold tea)
My garlic is looking very happy!

Could I make a tiny tart from these wee rhubarb stalks?
Get real. The last thing I want to do right now is make pastry.

Boy, last time I looked at these chives, they were just starting to pop up.

On the Mabel front...I thought she was doing better, but I was a fool with a dream.
So, back to the vet tomorrow. 
She is better than a month ago, but her ankle is still very bad.
Please dear lord..don't make me assist in vet surgery again tomorrow.
I learnt the difference between a city vet and country farm vet last week. 
In the country, you are the vets assistant during surgery.
Didn't I use to travel to Paris shooting stories for magazines?
How did I get to this!

How did I get here?  I'll be honest, I came here, and I love it.
Am I a farmer..yes. 
Am I the posh stylist talking design..not so much.
And, one glimmer of extreme excitement in my life...
...you'll have to wait till next week.
But this shot is your hint!