The 'Summer Issue' Winner is..

Mathew, I hope you have a lots of stamps!

Thank you for all the nice words about my  broken heart.
We lost our dog to a disease called cushings last Thursday.
It hit hard and fast.
She was 12 and has been with us from the day we bought this farm.

It feels rather empty around here now, but we have this crazy chicken to make us smile.

I finally moved the girls out of my dining room yesterday.
Having them in the house was sweet at first..but as they got bigger it wasn't so cute anymore.
When they flew up behind me one morning on to my couch as I was having coffee,
I knew they had to get out.

The coop is done, but not pretty enough to show you shots yet.
I need to paint, hang the crystal chandeliers, and of course the glass tile is on back order.
I have Heather Bullard to compete with you know!
Just kidding Heather. 
You have me beat hands down in the coop department.