The Calm before the Storm...

We had a three day family holiday in the Okanagan.
A friend was getting married at a resort in Summerland.

For those of you who don't know, the Okanagan is in the interior of British Columbia.  
Famous for their fruit orchards..  

..wineries.. tastings...

..spectacular mountains..

..and beautiful lakes.

Other good things..
There are lavender farms.

which were in perfect bloom.

Rustic old barns...

..and the countryside is covered in flowers.
I never liked babies breath till now.

All the fruit stands have water pumps so you can wash your fruit before eating.
When it's really hot, they have misty sprays running from the awnings to cool you down.
And it does get hot there!

The ever popular cherry earring where not a hit here today...

..but the next stand, and one of my favourites in Keremeos..

..had the fix we needed.
It was nice to have an escape before the farm opens.