Garlic Harvest..Part One...

Today we pulled up the first of the garlic beds.
I love this time of year.
The air is full of garlic, and there isn't a tacky cheap restaurant for miles!

This is when the greenhouse, becomes the blue house.
We hang a tarp inside to shade out the sun (the sun will turn it bitter)

This year, I had help.
We have two lovely ladies from Japan living here, helping with the farm this summer.
So, Miyuki pulled garlic all day.

She did not.

She pulled and pulled.
Five beds in total.

She even made a very cute 'miss take'
(stabbed a few with the pitch fork)
I'm almost positive she's never used a pitch fork before.

 Twine for hanging..

...old couch for relaxing...

...or standing on.

And so ends part one of the garlic harvest.
Jen from Muddy Boots is coming tomorrow for part two.