From Time to Time, I Steal...

Another busy week, but after tomorrow, the farm is officially closed.
The beets finally got big enough to make borscht.

I do believe I made the best damn scones of my life.

Which were improved upon by devonshire cream and of course,
Missing Goat Strawberry Black Pepper Jam.

I can't find Lola's eggs anywhere.

And she seems to be rather smug about it.

But I think she tried to make up for it with this offering.
Let me clarify this shot...
...three yolks came out of one egg.
Yes way.

Today really seemed like fall to me.
And the signs are everywhere.
Hydrangeas turning green...

...this fallen branch...

...leaves on the lawn.

For years, I was a closet pen thief.  I stole pens from anyone and everyone who dared hand me one.
Post offices, Greenpeace petitioners, banks, friends, public raffles, check out clerks...and yes, even 
hospital fundraisers.
It became an obsession.  
They weren't fancy pens, it wasn't about that.  
It was the simple thrill of the casual steal. 
Today, I reached over the fence to the neighbours yard, and stole once again.
It's the home of the mean old man who abandoned his animals, threatened to shoot us (often), swore at us, then became old and alone.
 He has since moved on from this life to what I can only imagine a hotter place.  
If you know what I mean.
The place is now rented and has fallen to shame.
So...I stole some plums.
Have you ever reached over the fence and pinched something good?


loulou said...

Miss G (goat meant in the nicest way)

I am a lavender sprig thief - I can't help myself with taking a sprig or lavender or a flowering top of lavender if I see one.

I end up with it in my hand bag which isn't such a bad thing as when it dries the scent is still in the bag and I love it.

I might also confess to a hibiscus flower or two every now and then on a walk I do.

now I feel I have a problem :))

have a lovely day (and what the 3 yolks!!!)



Red Gate Farm said...

Yep, some apples... but it is an abandoned homestead so if I didn't pilfer them they'd all fall on the ground for the bugs!

And the scones... please share the recipe!! I've been in jam making mode and some scones with jam would be fabulous!!


PS, nice on that triple yolker, we initially got a few doubles but no triples :)

Crystle said...

Three yolks in one egg?? How is that even possible? Too cool!

Heather Bullard said...

This post had me laughing out loud! I'm gonna stay away from that hot place if I can. ;-)
As for thievery...I do covet my neighbors lemons. They seem to grow so much bigger & better than mine. I haven't gotten the nerve to climb the fence yet. But if those limbs ever reach over my side of the fence...fair game!

Maja said...

Enjoy your safe home produced eggs, there´s nothing better than fresh eggs comming from your own back yard.

Maja said...

Enjoy your safe home produced eggs.There´s nothing better than fresh eggs comming from your own backyard.

Vintage Home said...

....yep...the rose hips in the mall or cosco parking lot....and a lady caught me and told me it was illegal and she was going to call the police....!

kaye i. said...


Well, if nobody else would eat the plums, why the heck not? You don't want it to go to waste, right? I believe you're actually doing a good deed by taking them ;)

country girl said...

My mother-in-law is a firm believer that 'everything hanging over the fence is fare game.' So we pick concord grapes, tiny fuzzy peaches, cherries, and anything else that's 'over the fence.' Even though this is her rule, she does seem a little jumpy about maybe not everyone knows or agrees with this rule.

Your little girl is growing up so fast.

Love all the signs of fall....and that three-yolk egg, wowza! My husband would have LOVED that.

suzeeez said...

I love your post, you are so funny I smiled the whole time I read it:o)

Anne Marie said...

first of all...share your scones recipe
secondly...yes, pears from my neighbor whem we lived in town - but he was nice...

have a great weekend!

Carola said...

beautiful post, beautiful life!
from a apple thief :)



suzy hausfrau said...

Two weeks ago I stole into the neighbour's yard at about 11pm to steal the flowers for a lunch to celebrate the first showing of my yarn...about three or four posts back on the blog. I'm the worst thief ever though, I was absolutely terrified the whole time...all for a few azaleas! They looked good though.

ellie said...

yes...a lemon from my neighbors yard and then a wasp stung I have a new yard with a grafted lemon/orange tree...

but I'm sure if you ask the renters they would let you have all the plums you wanted..we ask our Hass Avacado tree neighbors and they give us plenty..

julieann said...

I too would love your scone rec. I say that old man owed you a pc of fruit or two.
I dont have anyone near me to steal from but if someone had an apple tree Id be all over it..

Laura Jannika said...

got a new growth of old fashioned roses from a neighbor. I even dug them up a second time to bring to my new home. I think these roses continue to live there, 100 years at least.

Pinecone Camp said...

I most definitely have, I must admit. Mostly lilacs, but please don't tell my neighbour. Will you have scones on hand for the shoot this week? ;)

Razmataz said...

I haven;t but my neighbor in Florida has lemons and limes that are awfully close to my property line......gin and tonic drinker that I am, I am sure I will be pinching his fruit sooner or later.

I have a canning question for you. I purchased small 2 oz jars with one piece white lids to make this jam for the wedding favours. I processed the jam for 15 minutes after placing in sterile jars. Although they look sealed, I have opened a couple and they don't make that popping whoosh that I am familiar with. Do your jars make a definite pop when you open them. The lids are firm and look sealed although they are solid little lids and it is hard to tell.

Anonymous said...

Oh what a comfort, I wasn't the only one stealing plums this week...though I did steal blackberries as well. But I tell myself it's ok, 'cause the owners of the gardens won't be back until next summer so the fruit would just go to waste. Sorry you're so far away, would love to visit and Black Pepper Jam sounds great! Lotte, Ă–land & Stockholm

Debi@7Gates said...

Can only say, like you, only a pen thief, but it's unconscious; I don't intend to steal, it just happens. The devil on one shoulder is always telling me to take a clipping of something, but the angel shakes her head ~ I'm so torn.

Chris said...

Your homey blog makes my heart sing. I just love it.

Kirsty @ Bowerbird Blue said...

If things are going to waste it's hardly stealing. Maybe their nice but lazy renters (I'm a renter) you should give the door a knock and see if you can take the lot off their hands - offer a jar of jam in return. Love that triple yoker!