I've Gone Squirrelly...

I don't know what has come over me this past week.

I've de-junked my whole home, 
I'm storing away herbs for the winter..

...and I'm finally parting with the baby stuff.
..another sob.

Tomorrow is apple sauce day..which I will share with those of you who asked.
And I will get that scone recipe to you too.   
Right after I store my sauce away in it's new designated cupboard space.
I'm like a squirrel on crack.
I'm confused..do I store it or do I toss it?????? 

If you find yourself any where near the Urban Fare in Yaletown (Vancouver) this Saturday, Missing Goat will be sampling the line of jams.  It's a great time to taste them all!
12pm - 4pm


Tamara Jansen said...

I wonder if I can swing a trip to Yaletown today?!

mise said...

Parting with the baby stuff is hard to do. I still stash mine uselessly away. Good for you for clearing out; decluttering is so freeing.

Debi@7Gates said...

Sometimes I feel like a Jack on a squirrel myself. Our herb has been collected already here in the Carolinas, even though I still have a few hanging on in the holding box. Little tot things are hard to part with, especially those tiny clothes. Hugs ~ Debi

Vintage Home said...

Dang wish I had popped by here earlier...I am sure your samples where gobbled up FAST!
Hard to believe how big of a girl your baby is!
Hey if you have time could you pop over to vintage home & give me some advice on the lamps I am blogging about!

julieann said...

I think de-cluttering is in the air..
I spent most of my weekend preping my girls for winter. The coop is now insulated and has electric for a heater. Im sure Im crazy for spending so much time and $$$ on them but they do give me beautiful eggs.. Eggsalent eggs...
I still have baby things. Somethings are just to hard topart with... :)

Rabbit Hill Primitives said...

I've been doing the same thing! Must be the change of seasons. I still can't get rid of the baby clothes though and my girl will be 11 this week! I hope you do share your applesauce recipe....and the scones also! Have a great week ahead. Jenn :)

Lady Grey said...

winter is coming - so it's definitely the right time of year for squirrling!