Garlic Planted...Check!

October is the time to plant garlic.
At least it is in our zone.

Home grown garlic is divine.
If you want to plant some, be sure and buy it from a nursery or an organic farmer.
Store bought garlic is treated with chemicals to prevent sprouting - icky in so many ways!

we are ready to plant..

...or fight off vampires.

My wee girl has been given her own bed (to keep her busy and happy)
I am planting in a weed free bed as garlic hates competition.
Dig a hole about three inches deep..

drop in one clove...

...pointed end up! 
I cover them with a thick layer of leaves from the lawn.
A blanket of sorts for the winter. 

and next year, after they grow...

you can harvest.
It's so worth the effort.