What's New in Your Garden?

Yesterday, we discovered these.
Lots and lots of these.

We have a fig tree - hidden behind a shed and we often forget to check on it.
But yesterday, we remembered.

If you have never had a fresh warm fig from a tree, then I am sorry to say, 
you are really missing something quite great.  
I really am sorry to say that.  

So into the kitchen.
Turning this...

..into this.

Mixing these with this... and a drizzle or two of that...

And don't forget a few of these, roasted of course.
Dinner is served.

If the abundance of figs was not enough, Cocoa laid her first egg today.
Honestly, who decided white eggs were so grand!!
Can you imagine opening up a box of eggs and seeing these pretty shades.
Anything new in your garden?

I Can't Find My Eggs...

I've been absent this summer.
But the farm has been overwhelmingly busy.
What's new..my chickens have started to lay eggs!

This is the pretty blue egg I have longed to find since I was 20 years old.
The Martha Stewart chicken, the Martha Stewart egg.
I do adore that woman.
I went a bit overboard taking photos, but I'll only post two.

The farm is looking very pretty right now, but I'm sorry to say, it's feeling like fall to me.

There are still lots of berries to be picked.
We find picking in princess dresses really lightens the mood.  If we sing a happy song, we may get lucky and some wilderness friends will gather, help with the harvest, clean the house and make us a new dress.

It worked for Snow, Cindy and Aurora.

It's wrapping down here, and we have had to close the farm early, so I will be back more often.

Can any of you fellow chicken people tell me how to get the chickens to lay in the nesting boxes?
I find them in strange places, if I find them at all - though Lola is making it easy by laying on the front deck chair every day!
I have put my girls Easter eggs in their nesting boxes - pink, green and yellow - I hear that helps?

Closing the Farm...

We are closing the farm to the public after the 13th of August.  
The late starting season has made it to hard to keep up with all the orders placed since June.
Sorry to those of you who were planning to come!
Please blame the weather, not me.

Life on the Farm...

Life on the farm these days with...
a guy from Portland
the blueberry bus
two girls from Japan
five chickens 
and a toddler in a princess dress

the chickens started to lay eggs...in the tomato patch??

we learnt to make sushi rolls

my carrots are doomed

the blueberry van rolled in..

bringing the jam session out of the kitchen 

and onto the front porch

life is good.