A Walk in the Woods..

After dinner, we go for 'family' walks in the woods.
This is what my wee girl calls them.

One block from our house, there is a small lush forest.

I love this place.

We gather wild flower bouquets..

...but never pick the trilliums.
Picking them can starve and kill the plant.
And no one wants that.

Crazy kids have built giant mountain bike ramps.
I don't think their mothers know about this.

The same crazy kids appear to be in love.


AnnaVallance said...

Did you answer the door?

Mariana said...

My Dear,I love nature and enjoy watching you blog.

Razmataz said...

Your daughter is so cute! She has such an adorable face.

Melissa said...

What a perfect place - it looks so enchanting

Karen Bates said...

What a beautiful setting and I love that your daughter wore her pjs and robe to the forest! Love the boots, too.

Robin said...

Gorgeous photos! I love your family walk tradition. What a nice way to spend time together. When my kids were little we would take flashlight walks around our neighborhood in the fall. I love the fresh, crisp air, they loved the flashlights.

Lee said...

This is a sweet post. Love the photos of the forest. I have about 8 acres of woodsy area at the end of my four acres and it has always felt like an adventure.
We are blessed.

Missing Goat said...

Anna - did I answer the door - you bet I did, but I'm not ready to share just yet...soon though.
Karen - I love that you notice she likes to wear her pj's on these walks. Every night, she grabs her housecoat and won't wear anything but! she's a funny gal.

elisa said...

oh, i want to do more of this - much easier when it is light out. my girls love to wander and find pretty plantlife. x

Carola said...

Beautiful place, Love the crazy kids adventures!



Carola said...

Beautiful place, Love the crazy kids adventures!



julieann said...

Lilly looks so cute in her pink robe out in the forest. Any news on that knock on the door? Just wonderin! :)

Vintage Home said...

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful space that is sustained by all our rain! Wonderful sweet little girl1
Thanks for sharing!

julieann said...

Lilly looks lovely in her pink robe.
I read above you answered the door
:) Cant wait to hear who was Kocking!!!

hardydanielle said...

Very cute pictures- loved each one!

Dharma said...

these pics make me soooo homesick for N. Van :)