Pretty Night...

Hope you had a lovely long weekend.
We got away to the cabin for four days.

Four days didn't seem long, till we got home.
The garden seems to have exploded.
The blueberry bushes are dreamy white.

The flowers are bursting.

Everything seems to twice it's size.

Even the horses seem bigger.
And more open to having a chat.

This gal came racing over to be in the photo shoot.

If my hair blew in the wind like that, and I had these eyes, I'd run to the camera too.
It was a very pretty night.


Mrs. Sutton said...

Oh I LOVE your horses! How wonderful to be so self-assured and confident in front of the camera - perhaps we could all learn a lesson from them - lol!
Paula x

found and sewn said...

love these photos...what a beautiful horse!

Melissa said...

Gorgeous photos as always. Love the horses - are they yours? I so want a horse of my own!

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

Beautiful....days like this - let time stand still.

Allison Preiss said...

Beautiful horse photos!

julieann said...

My horses are loving the weather. Last few nights they have woke me up tearing up the pasture at
3:00 AM? That has got to quit.
These horse belong to your neighbors correct? They are beautiful and lucky you if they are the neighbors cuz you get to enjoy them without feeding them :)

Vintage Home said...

You kill me...great ppictures...speaking of...could you pop over & see what I am having for sale this weekend...last few post are full of fun stuff! See you soon!...are you bringing the wee one?

Auntie Cake said...

I had to laugh, my 10 year old son was standing behind me as I scrolled down to read your latest post. All of a sudden I heard from him, "Nice. Nice bathroom. Cool."

The boy has good taste.

Missing Goat said...

These are our neighbours horses just on the other side of our fence. And yes, we are lucky to enjoy looking, patting and zero upkeep!

Michael said...

The photo of the horse is amazing! Great eye!