A Broody Week...

Just last year, my sweet Johnny Drama was just a wee girl.
So full of herself.

She still is full of herself, but I like that about her.
Last week, she went broody.  
What the heck is that?
She decided she was going to have a baby.  
So she sat for days in the coop.  
Whether there was an egg in there or not.

We don't have a rooster, so as some of you know, 
outside of some sort of immaculate conception event, 
she doesn't have a hope in hell of a chick popping out of those eggs.  

So, while life continued on for everyone else in the family...

Johnny spent two days in the dog crate up on a roosting stick cooling off her bits. 
(these two have daily starring contests) 

She is back to herself now. 
Have your chickens gone broody before? 

Anyone live nearby?  
I've got garlic scapes to share if you want some.
They make a great pesto!


Razmataz said...

I have no chickens, but I've been known to get a little broody now and then!

hardydanielle said...

Love this!! You are such a great storyteller :)

Pipany said...

Yep, we quite often get broody hens and have a hutch we built to put them in named The Cooler! Passes quite quickly doesn't it? x

AnnaVallance said...

Just enjoyed some of your very very raspberry jam on my toast and I just love it! I also have lots of garlic scapes but I have never made pesto with them. Something new to try. Thank you.

country girl said...

It's amazing watching your 'little' girl grow up.

julieann said...

I have two broody girls. Sunny and Owlie. They both stay inside sitting on eggs. Sunny lets me wisp them away while OWLIE is just that Owlie and bites me.. I have eggs in the incubator so we will see if we have new babies bout July4th. Im new to incubation so it may not go well.

Jacquelyn said...

I saved some of the bulbs I bought from you last season...planted them like you said, and they look like your picture :) I was just reading about pickling garlic scapes, have you ever pickled them? I may give it a try...I have enough for a jar with some left to cook with. (They say about 15 to a jar)

John'aLee said...

Oh....I want to come and live at your farm!!!

Pinecone Camp said...

Oh, Midge looks so sweet and very proud. I can't believe how time has flown. Wasn't she just a baby?