A Little Trooper...

Every meal in our home is now photographed for the book.
Breakfast, lunch, dinner and all in between.

These are some out-takes that won't be making the hard copy.

I have to say, my girl is a real trooper.
She's amazing.
And though she does get annoyed with me and my camera at times...

She is a real pro.
Here to get the job done, no matter what.

But I keep telling her 
We're here for a good time
Not a long time
So have a good time
The sun can't shine everyday.


The Blue Farmhouse said...

Your daughter is so cute...I just love all her facial expressions! And, again I must say I love your blog, the photos are so vivid and beautiful.

Lee said...

Sweet girl, sweet post!

AnnaVallance said...

Love how you include song lyrics with your pictures!

Lori E said...

I rarely get a photo of the finished product on a plate because we end up chowing down on it before I think of it. Lol.
I think the picture 3rd from the top is very "book worthy". Love it

Sarah said...

You couldn't have found a cuter and more precious helper!

Can't wait for the book. :)

julieann said...

I bet Lilly has a lot of fun on the farm. Cant wait for the book...:)

Vintage Home said...

Such a great team!

Vintage Home said...

You and I are in a pic of Tracey's From the market!

Courty Biggs said...

That's what I say too! I document everything!