A Horse Walks Into a Bar...

..and the bartender asks, 
Why the long face?

I'll tell you why...my sweet greenhouse, my wedding gift 11 years ago, 
the place we have shot more magazine stories than I can remember..
is being dismantled.

We knew it was coming.
The floor was warped, the roof was falling off, and I could barely close the door.
We will rebuild, it will be bigger, better and use-able all year long.
We will create, dream and escape in the new space.
It will be adorable.
But it still hurts.  

Luckily I have 60 pounds of tomatoes and peaches to can.
That'll distract me.
Silly to be so attached to a little shack.


Terra said...

I am like you, I would prop up the old dear garden shed as long as I could, and then finally let go when necessary. Your new building will be a beauty, I am sure.

The Blue Farmhouse said...

Heather I'm absolutely sure that the "one to come" will be beautiful...but you don't have to say goodbye to your sweet greenhouse...the wedding gift 11 years ago, just salvage pieces from it and reuse to perhaps build a work table, shelves to hold something beautiful,etc....Then your something old can go into that something new creating memories!

Madelief said...

Not silly at all. I would find it difficult too if my garden house had to be replaced as well. There are so many memories attached. Hope your new greenhouse will be great!

Good luck with the canning!


odd and old said...

i understand: funny how we all get so attached to things: i guess it is basic human nature: how much easier life would be without materialistic attachments. i love the idea of the recycling suggested above and am sure your all singing all dancing bigger and better construction will be even more of a delight x ...


Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Seems right to honor the passing of something so well connected to happy times... it may enrich your appreciation of the new space, which I imagine really will be quite adorable.

Don said...

It seems the "little shacks" in our lives are what we get attached to the most! They work their way into our hearts!

Vintage Home said...

...oh yes sweetest little room in the valley!.....Can't wait to see your new one!

julieann said...

I love that little shack too. I agree with others. Save pc and use them in this space. Make simple frames and put your magazine shoot photos in them for display in your house.
Peaches look amazing. Have a yummy cream cheese peach pie receipe that brings people to my house when they know my daughter is making it. Let me know if your interested.

Hope Filled Living said...

Your little shack was beautiful. I can see why you are attached to it. Have fun canning....oh I wish I had a farm...

Veronica Roth said...

Aw, at least you have tons of photos to remember.

AnnaVallance said...

I love that greenhouse! When it was featured in a magazine, I cut out the pictures to put in my Someday Scrapbook. Looking forward to the new one.

Carola said...

My little greenhouse is my nylon castle... so I know how u fell.



Karen Bates said...

AWwwwh...so sorry. I know what will replace it will bring wonderful memories too. Canning always made me feel like I had accomplished something splendid. Enjoy.

Wild Oak Designs said...

It will be better in the end.
You should try making chutney and tomato jam!
The recipe for tomato jam is basically easy, but can be found online. Fabulous!
Love your pictures!

Lee said...

I'm sure anything you build will be beautiful. Stunning photos.
Happy Autumn!

Rejane Menezes. said...

Parabéns que lugar encantador, sou do Brasil e gostaria que visitasse meu blog, também tenho um cantinho especial de natal e no campo.