A Little Bird Told Me...

Today is a very off day for me.
I've been up since 4am.

I've kept busy with apples, grapes and plums.
But I can't ignore the knot in my stomach.
My publisher is sending me the book layout on Monday.
Am I insane.

Who am I?!

What do I know.
How in the world did I end up taking the photos.
Oh Lord.
I realized I hadn't eaten all day.

So I grabbed a bowl of left over Chicken Kale soup and sat down to watch the birds and squirrels going crazy out my window.
Then it happened...

Asked the bird...
Yes, it is good soup.
I used turkey this week instead of chicken because we just had Thanksgiving.
The recipe is in the book under the fall section.
It has quinoa in it too.

(who is watching who go crazy)