When Did I Get a Cottage???

While poor Johnny continues to look for Lola 
(they were best friends and Johnny always took care of Lola), 
life has carried on for the rest of us.

Last week, I was told over and over again by a new visitor,
that I had a lovely cottage. 
Now, to me, the cottage is the art shack out back being built 
by my husband with the wood burning stove to keep us warm.

"Your house is like one of those little cottages they show in 'those' magazines"

She doesn't know I work for 'those' magazines.

But, here is what I know...
My house is not grand.
My house is not glamorous.
My house is not perfect.
My house..
is full of love
and happiness. 

And I also know, that on a chilly night in November, they are not in their backyard roasting hot dogs, bacon wrapped scallops and home made marshmallows on an open fire with a dog and five..I mean four funny chickens.
If this is cottage living...fantastic.


donna baker said...

That is funny Heather. Once, a man said, "oh, you live in that cabin in the woods". I couldn't believe it. I must say, it wasn't long before I painted my house a sage green. So much for letting water roll off my back. Potato, patata.

Jodie aka Mummaducka'sKaos said...

cottages are fantastic!!! Less to clean and keep organised than a manor or mansion! Which of course leaves you with more time for the fun things in life!

bec said...

it all sounds pretty perfect to me!
a lovely story!
Bec x

Karen Bates said...

Perfect! Lovely photos.

The Blue Farmhouse said...

That's because you create sooooo beautifully and your photographs and everything says, "what a wonderful life"....and the truth is.. It's true...not the cottage...but a home filled with love, silliness, art, life, chickens, jams, and happiness. Keep inspiring us Heather with your beautiful work!:)

Audrey said...

Oh Johnny, with his perfect, perfect, divinely perfect feathers.....please send him a big fat kiss from his fans down in North Carolina. Our hearts go out to him! We had a roaring fire out back on Sunday night and it was so heavenly.....your house sounds like my kind of place....no matter what you want to call it!!!

Martine vianen said...

Hello Heather, so nice to know your blog and to read your stories.
Thanks for become a member on my blog, I hope it gives you enjoy it.
Really love your pictures, there great!
Greets, Martine.

designchic said...

You have created such a wonderful home for your family and such clean, and wholesome living...I can't think of anything lovelier!

WhiteWhispers2u said...

Is all you need is Love! I am excited to get your book Congrats!

Poor Johnny his bestie is gone uh oh!

Some people jeeze, I myself have a different style than others and how funny that the larger stores like Pottery Bran themselves try to copy what others in so called cottages have created.Love what inspires you~Cheers Kim

AnnaVallance said...

This is what I dream of; a cottage with a firepit and a puppy running around. This is why I love your blog!

Lee said...

How sweet is this post. I love it. Your thoughts and images are heartfelt and beautiful and your words tug at the heart. After all it's about finding your sanctuary. At the end of the day, it's where you end up, where your road leads and where your spirit, mind, body and soul yearn to be. It is where your most yourself, where you can be yourself without fear and where you can rest and find your peace. You are blessed.

julieann said...

Oh how I remember those play date days. The funny things parents said to me. I found it ironic that our home (cottage) is where all the kids came to play. Not the mansions with all the untouchables.
I wanted to live in that mansion and not that cottage so badly. Not so much anymore. I see the value in what I had and how I lived and wouldnt change it for a thing.
Home made marshmellows?? Really... When can I come over to your cottage :)