When Did I Get a Cottage???

While poor Johnny continues to look for Lola 
(they were best friends and Johnny always took care of Lola), 
life has carried on for the rest of us.

Last week, I was told over and over again by a new visitor,
that I had a lovely cottage. 
Now, to me, the cottage is the art shack out back being built 
by my husband with the wood burning stove to keep us warm.

"Your house is like one of those little cottages they show in 'those' magazines"

She doesn't know I work for 'those' magazines.

But, here is what I know...
My house is not grand.
My house is not glamorous.
My house is not perfect.
My house..
is full of love
and happiness. 

And I also know, that on a chilly night in November, they are not in their backyard roasting hot dogs, bacon wrapped scallops and home made marshmallows on an open fire with a dog and five..I mean four funny chickens.
If this is cottage living...fantastic.