Farm Girl Failures...

I was all excited to present you with a recipe for a yummy 'made from scratch' jelly roll,
but it wasn't any good.
Hard to believe - it looks delicious.
I will keep working on this...

My Dad was in town last week.

Perfect timing with the art studio being done.
My Dad is an amazing artist and teaches 6 months of the year down in Bucerias, Mexico.
Perfect chance for a lesson..or so I thought.

Eventually he took over my painting as I got frustrated.
I would have painted over it, but he made it look so pretty I couldn't wreck it.
He did that on purpose.

I will keep working on this too...

Hey, who wants to meet me in Bucerias in the fall for painting lessons and cocktails!

Feeling deflated, I grabbed my camera and decided to do what I seem to do best these days.

Capture life on the farm.

The blueberries are spectacular

I mean seriously spectacular.

And the strawberries are on the way!
OK, back to my painting...