In My Garden...

We've finally turned the corner on all the 'renovations' in the garden.

Everything is coming alive and starting to pop.

Even the blueberries are in full bud.

Just in time for the bees who are coming next week

And soon, lots of you will be coming for blueberries and a little chat on the swing.


The Blue Farmhouse said...

Is this a Home and Garden magazine picture? Of course, it could be, instead it's just the beauty that you Heather produce over and over again on your beautiful blog. Wish I could come for some blueberry picking and a chat!:)

Beautiful my friend....


Heather Cameron said...
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Lee said...

I want to come for blueberries and a chat on the swing!
Hee Hee

claudia said...

I love your blog! :)

it's beautiful