Jam & Pie Classes...

Summer came to the town this weekend.
Along with popsicles, bubbles, radishes and a lot of rhubarb.
Which got me to thinking...
It could be fun to offer jam & pie making classes.
So many of you keep asking 
So, here we go...

Rhubarb with Rosemary, Blueberry or Raspberry Jam Class
Selecting, prepping, cooking the jam, sterilizing jars, and processing your jam for storage.
Step by step through the whole process.
All ingredients are certified organic, everything you need is supplied, 
and you will go home with six jars of jam.
Also, a little recipe card to take home with instructions.
Location:  Missing Goat Farm, South Surrey
Price 95.00
Allow up to three hours for this class.


Rhubarb, Blueberry or Raspberry Pie Class
Preparing your own crust from scratch, mixing the filling, and baking it up.
Step by step through the whole process of making a pie.
Organic flour, fruit, eggs and sugar are used, everything you need is supplied and
you will go home with your very own pie for dinner that night.
Location: Missing Goat Farm, South Surrey
Price 85.00
Allow up to 3 hours for this class and 
then go home with this...

Photo by my lovely friend Janis Nicolay

I mean come on!  Yum.
Send me an email or leave me a note if you'd like to book and I will send you the final details.
Grab some friends and come have fun.
I'm gathering names now, then will be setting up classes according to the fruits and their seasons.
Classes will be small - only three or four per class.
I'll even make you pick your own fresh organic blueberries for those classes!