Lessons In My Garden...

Last night, I discovered strawberries in the new patch we planted this year.
This lead me to take a closer look at the rest of the 'food' section in our yard..

 it's the very first cauliflower I have ever grown!
Isn't it lovely.

I found out I had carrots ready..

the beets are coming along - there are only three of them, but they are looking well.
I fail too.

Yellow cheery zucchini are making me smile...

and the apples are very pretty.
We are shooting my garden and studio for Canadian Living in a week, 
so I've been working extra hard on it this year.
Aside from the beet debacle, I'd say it's looking great!

It's been a week of bugs here at the farm.
I could photograph bees all day.
But I wanted to share two things.
One I learnt years ago, and one I learnt last night.

Years ago, I learnt that this is a ladybug before she transforms into the charming storybook version.
It's like a nasty spider gone wrong.
But they eat aphids and soon will become ladies.

This is a box of 5000 aphid eating bugs whose name I couldn't type or pronounce.
You release them at dusk - which I did in our blueberry patch last night.
If you ever decide to do this, here are some helpful tips:
1  hold your breath
2 plug your nose
3  lift lid and run really fast
I didn't follow any of these steps and I'm pretty sure we only have 4000 in the field - not 5000.
I swallowed about 600 and another 400 are trapped in my hair.