I'm in love with the family we met today.  
They invited us to their home to take their pony for a walk.
Who can say no to that.

On that walk, we met five more ponies.
Only in Southlands do you run into people walking their ponies while you are out walking your pony.
Is it wrong to covet that grey ponies hair
Seriously, she must go to Zooey Deschanel's hair dresser.  

When we got home, I had one of those uh-oh moments.
I'd spent time walking ponies and didn't buy groceries.
But once I surveyed the land...and cupboards...

I found I had everything to make waffles!

Ponies in the day and waffles at night.
Best Day Ever!

I added an over easy egg and sauteed kale to mine.
Breakfast for dinner is awesome - do you ever do this?