Brazil Could Have Been Better...

Love is in the air this week. 

 I'm just thrilled I was able have a shower this past Sunday.  
(I had a varicose vein removed from the top to the bottom of my leg last week)

Though, I don't know what was more upsetting upon removing the bandages... 

...the fact that they wrote XLG on my thigh (universal code for extra large) - or that they 
only gave me half a brazillian.


Terra said...

Oh you funny gal with that last line!

Tom Stephenson said...

Half a Brazilian! I hope it was the correct side, otherwise you would know that they got bored.

Mary Palumbo Collings said...

Hahahahaha… so funny!

Di said...

Poor you.. But that is a girlfriends dinner party story for a long time to come.. What was the hospital person thinking....?
Hope you are feeling better today.

Lois said...

Haha I needed that laugh today :) Hope it's a speedy recovery and you're back to finding treasures in the garden again soon!

Lee said...

I'm sure they were referring to your vein not your leg. Hee hee. YOur a tiny little thing. So sorry you had to go through that. I had no idea. Wishing you a quick recovery my sweet friend.
Gonna make your cookies today. We are snowed in.
Love ya