My Bathroom ...

I get sooooo many emails about my ensuite bathroom.  It's shown in the opening to my blog.  I thought I would show you the rest of the space and list the paint colours for those interested.
It was featured in Canadian House and Home ... four years ago now?  Shot by Kim Christie - my crazy ginger nut friend.
I designed it, my husband made it happen.  We knocked down walls, moved the plumbing, did some of the best cussing of our lives, and after 6 months, finally created my dream loo.

I wanted a tub to escape too.. seperate from the shower!

I wanted his and her sinks, and a water closet.  No need to explain either of these desires!

My husband wanted a large walk in shower where the curtain wouldn't touch him!  He has issues with that - fair enough, lord knows I have my own book of issues.

The floor is heated, which is just lovely.  We added a window on the east side of the room to give sunlight in the early day and more light to the room.  I love windows and natural light.  The curtains were made by my sweet mom, as is the terry cloth cover for the stool.  The stools is so essential - especially since I had Lily.   Everything came from Home Depot - I love them!  It's affordable, fun, and if you make the right choices and mix up the styles a bit, you can be completely original.

 The blue on the walls is called Bluebird by Sico –  The code for it is 6161-31.
The white I used is called Polar Bear by Behr – code is W-F-200 
The water closet and bathtub are painted Sico Anticosti Grey 6161-41