Missing Goat Farm Cookbook

Launched in the Spring 2013 by Cico Books London/New York
Available through Amazon or bookstores near you.

I photographed and produced this book with my daughter - who at the time was 4 years old.
We spent 5 months gardening, growing and photographing every meal, snack and treat that we ate.
We laughed a lot and made more damn brownies than I'll ever admit.
It's a cookbook filled with comfort foods for everyone - kids or no kids.
It's about taking a bit of time to make food from scratch, plant a seed or two, get dirty and if you can, buy a small flock of chickens.  They're pretty funny.

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What do people think about the book?

photo by Kim Christie

 I just made/ate the most incredible pie of my life!
I used your apple pie filling and pie crust from your fabulous book...life will never be the same again!!!

 I picked up your beautiful book today at indigo...granola is in the oven now!

Kitchen Sink Muffins......Two thumbs up around this house!!!

I arrived home after a week away to your gorgeous book. I have done the once over and it's so lovely. I'm looking forward to a good read and then digging into trying my hand at pastry. When I get it just right and become a pie snob I'll be sure to let you know. I can hardly wait! Cheers!

Your book arrived and it's amazing! Love the look, love the photos, love the stories and am already marking pages of things i want to make right now! Thank you!
Was about to bake some bread and your book arrived. Making your yummy white baguettes instead! Your book is as beautiful as you are....... there is not a single thing I don't want to make (immediately!). This is so much more than a cookbook - it's so obviously a book filled with love. xoxo
Wednesday is Dessert Wed. at our house. Ok have to rave again...just made the Meyer's Lemon Curd.....OMGoodness....Devine.So delicious I can't decide on Merigue or not for the tarts.
My new book came today and I am thrilled! It is filled with beautiful pictures and the most delicious recipes. Reading it cover to cover. : )

I am an avid follower of your awesome blog and was thrilled to discover that my husband got me your recipe book for my birthday present!! It arrived on my doorstep this morning. I LOVE the pictures, the stories and the delicious recipes! We have already been making your jam cookies on rainy days and my girls (two that are able to cook now, 5 and 2...the other one just 14 weeks) love doing the recipe. So excited to share more with them. So very thrilled!!

·       I have to ask when are you coming out with another book?! I just discovered your book and I am addicted!! EVERY recipe is no fail amazing. I just made the tomato soup and my husband (whom does not like tomato soup) said it was the best soup ever. You have revived our kitchen. I was in a total cooking slump, tired of my recipes and then I found your book  Thank you so much, I love it!!

Heather - consider this 'handwritten,' Thank you sweet lady for introducing me to Meyer lemon curd.  *I love lemon curd, but loved finding the recipe in the book and, hurray! it's Meyer lemon season!

Hi Heather,
I just wanted to say that since getting your book we have made your simple syrup, apple sauce, smoothies galore, your kitchen sink muffins (which my girl calls heather cameron muffins!), cheddar crackers, and your brocoli soup. I am loving that your recipes are simple, easy to follow and so refreshing. I have one too many of those cook books that call for a million ingredients and require hundreds of hours of cooking. There is a time and place for that but for a busy mama of three, your cook book is just perfect. We love looking through the photos and my girl flips through it now and then.
Yesterday she asked me "if that little girl in the book was real?" And I responded yes and she is about your age and likes to bake and play outside like you. I told her we are going to visit your blueberry farm this summer and she is truly excited!
Anyways, sometimes we all need something that lifts our spirits, inspires us to make things, look forward to summer....and I think your cook book is doing just that. So thank you.

Hi Heather:
      I am sitting with an excellent cup of coffee, reading this wonderful new cookbook, I got for a Mother’s Day gift. I am in Abbotsford and was so delighted to know this cookbook (Farm Fresh Recipes from the Missing Goat Farm) ,  is inspired by a local experience. Your work is beautiful, pictures are gorgeous and the recipes are just great. I am going head out to the kitchen now, to follow the baguette recipe, as I am going to use that to make cinnamon twists for my grandchildren, who come every Monday after school! I am working on my Focaccia these days and your bread making advice is spot on with what I am learning elsewhere.  I am just thrilled with this cookbook........it is already going in to my “favourite cookbook” shelf! Just wanted to give you a nudge and say, you are a very talented woman! Congratulations.

I absolutely love this cookbook. It's perfect to thumb through with a cup of tea in the morning. The pictures are beautiful and I love how it is laid out by seasons. My family has loved all the recipes I've tried, with the Pavlova being our unanimous favorite. I find myself going back to it time and time again, and have already given it to friends as gifts. It is creative, simple, beautiful, and country living and cooking at its best. I recommend it highly!

I absolutely adore Heather's book. The stories are real, the photos lovely, the recipes easy, enjoyable and great for cooking with kids. This has become my go-to book for Sunday morning pancakes, blueberry muffins (only I make mine BIG because they are so good) and I can't wait to try the rest. I have turned friends and family onto Farm-Fresh Recipes and this is the first cook book I've picked up in a long time that I'm actually
using. I highly recommend.