Cute vs Snore...?

Well, my marmalade is good.
I'm picking a random name tomorrow and I'll send them a jar!
If you want in, leave me a comment saying you might like a jar.
You can also leave a comment saying you hate marmalade, but have answers to my questions below.

Besides the Meyer lemon marmalade, I've also created a mini me.

She styles her shoots, and photographs them with her hot pink camera.

I tend to go in tight and am always looking for the pretty detail shot.
It's that little bubble I love at the top.
How long do you spend taking photos?
And while I'm asking questions, what would you do about this...

It's 10pm, and I'm going to bed.
Would you kick him off or let him stay?
Did I mention he snores!
I kick my husband out for that, so you can imagine Oliver got sent packing.
Or did he... 
OK, I let him stay one night but will never let it happen again.