What's with all the goats?!

I've owned my farm for ten years. I've never picked a name for it, till this year. I tried for years to think of one, but nothing ever felt right. Since I named the place Missing Goat, I've been seeing goats everywhere. Is this a sign?! I took my daughter to a farm out in Harrison Hot Springs called My Back Porch - they sell their own roasted coffee, beautiful organic garlic, pottery and hand woven baskets. I love this place - they don't have a web site, but it's called My Back Porch. It's a long drive, but you can have lunch at Harrison, walk around on the beach and hit the Back Porch. I love garlic and my husband loves coffee, so we enjoy it. The baskets are pricey, but they are beautiful. I bought one three years ago, and it still looks brand new. Any ways, I've been side tracked - I took my daughter to this place as they had a huge pig there last time. Well, pig was gone but this crazy goat (above) was there.
Last week, I was leaving a country nursery, and six huge goats were all over the road in front of me. I tried to take a shot with my phone, but a horse let out a loud whiny and they all bolted. Like I was paparazzi and the horse what their manager.
Then I saw the buffalo. Yes, there was a huge buffalo. He was staring at me, probably wondering what the hell I thought was so interesting about the dumb goats. To be spiteful, just as I tried to take his photo, he turned his back on me and left. Jerk. Buffalo's can be such asses, but everyone knows that.
I swerved the car to avoid a big dog on the road the other day, then realized it was a goat.
Seriously, what's going on.

Garlic and coffee beans from My Back Porch. I think I need to go into the garlic business - they sell it for 9.50 a pound! But, it's delicious and they have a lot of rare kinds that you can't easily find elsewhere. I just love day trips to interesting places.

This is my new concoction - Peach jam with vanilla and cardamom. Wow, it's tasty.
Merry Christmas!! What? Ug! yes, I spent the day shooting a Christmas story for a magazine today. My house is festooned for the holidays, which I can't show you as it has to go to print first. It gave me a chance to pull out my favourite little trees and paper houses - I just love these! My daughter is completely in love with them too. They just seem magical.