Monday, September 7, 2009

A lovely long weekend..

We started a yearly tradition last fall. Each September, we have an outdoor final blueberry picking, fire roasting, s'more making, pot luck, wine/giant beer event here at the farm. But what to do when it's pouring rain and blustery outside!!! Well, you grab the wine and giant beer, run inside and bake the s'mores in the oven!
I also discovered, for those of you that may not know, that cold left over s'mores the next morning are equally delicious as the night before.

A quick decor enhancement for my soiree. Jute twine wrapped around tea lights with cinnamon sticks or bay leaves.

Signs of fall in the yard. The blueberry bushes are turning red. The apples are falling to the ground. The acorns are ready - I love their little chapeaus.

My sweet kitty Jake. He's about 18 and is not well. Sigh.


koralee said...

Lovely lovely always! Jake is delightful...and so are your acorns! Happy Week to you whatever you do...we are all back to school!

Pinecone Camp said...

Sounds like a fun party! The s'mores look delicious.

pretty far west said...

I thought I knew most words. But I didn't know s'more.

Anne Marie said...

being that the first picture you have made my mouth water......I'll have to check your blog out a bit more :)

the southern hostess said...

Beautiful images! Makes me ready for fall.

Cathi said...

Beautiful photos!