Welcome Fall..

Where were you on the first day of fall? I was in Vancouver's Chinatown looking looking for funky bar ware accoutrement's. Sadly, I discovered one of my favourite shops, Funhauser, was closed. No more tiki fun cocktails for this gal. A trip to Bamboo village and their ceiling of paper lantern happiness cured my woes.

I heard about Dirty Apron through a friend in the summer. It's a fantastic new cooking school and shop on Beatty run by the Chambar and Medina people. If you don't know - Chambar is one of the best restaurants in Vancouver, Medina is next door and has little waffles to die for!

I also hit a favourite store on Cambie called Walrus - which really is a pleasant surprise. Last spring HGTV Canada asked me to blog about my top stores and Walrus is first on the list. Not only is everything unique and beautiful, but the owners are adorably kind. Caroline gives me a shot of hip-ness as this gal is 'not so hip' now that I have a two year old. Thanks for the chat Caroline, you always brighten my day. I'm also featuring some very cool items from their store in my bar ware story.
That was my first day of fall. Hope you had a lovely day too!

By the way, does anyone know where the followers have gone. I know they are there, in the background, but I do enjoy seeing the happy collage of images. I find them comforting.


mise said...

I see your followers collage on the right, all present and correct. Blogger sometimes seems to temporarily lose them, but I think you have to be Little Bo Peep and leave them alone till they reappear.

Courtney said...

That looks like a lovely way to spend the first day of fall! I didn't do anything special to celebrate the season's arrival. Next year I should hit the town like you.

Cathi said...

That looks like a wonderful way to spend the first day of fall. Sadly, I was working - just sitting at my desk...I'd rather have been in Vancouver! Glad you enjoyed it!