Photos by Janis Nicolay
I was updating my portfolio last night. I have about thirty new images to add - yikes! I thought I'd share a few. I produced these shots for an all white product carrying store in Fort Langley named, appropriately so, Little White House. White is my favourite color. I adore it and my whole house is white. I do prefer to add splashes of colour here and there - depending on the season of course.
I'm off to shop for a story on bar ware today. Come Friday, it's martinis and swizzle sticks all day!


Pinecone Camp said...

You do white well! That was a pretty story.

Cathi said...

very pretty!! martini's and swizzle sticks can be fun too! :) have a great day!

koralee said...

I LOVE the Little White House...my goal is to have an all white home...I love black and white so black always slips in and so does blue...sigh...all white would be lovely...my next goal is white wood floors!

Finds said...

HI Heather,
You have a simply lovely blog, very unique and creative,
and sorry for the loss of your wonderful cat.

blondiensc said...

Heather these images are amazing, I wish I could do all white, but for some reason I am drawn to color...but these images are stunning!!!