Tuesday, September 15, 2009

yesterday the garden..today the kitchen

Seems to be my life these days. One day in the garden, the next in the kitchen. I had Midge (aka Lily) my handy dandy assistant on hand to stir up our apple crisp. I most certainly did eat right out of the pan. Lily was sleeping and well, it seemed like the best way to enjoy some down time. Tired moms are lazy moms.
Here is my question for you: What is the difference between a cobbler, crisp and crumble? Lily informed me I had made a cumble - no 'r'. I've no idea about this.


Beach Vintage said...

Wow, looks so yum. Tired moms are hungry mums too! Glad you ate right out of the pan. Thanks so much for dropping by Beach Vintage and leaving a comment.

Bree Oliver said...

Heather, I am a Stylist based in Sydney Australia and just discovered your blog via the weekend host. I love your styling and look forward to see more images of your work.

koralee said...

Lovely images! I never know the difference between them all either....all i know is that they all taste yummmy! Enjoy!

Courtney said...

I have no idea how to differentiate between baked goods - but anything with warm apples is an A+ in my book! Lily is so adorable. The two of you must have such a great time baking together!

mise said...

My little girl has Lily as a second name too, after her Scottish great-aunt. And crumble from the garden: I love your self-sufficient vibe.