Fall Days..

Outside of having a wretched number birthday this week, it's been pretty nice just enjoying fall. I was suppose to be shooting an outdoor gardener's Christmas story for a magazine this week, but it's cancelled due to rain. Next week, I'll be back at it. For now, it's just nice to not have a deadline looming, as I search throughout the entire lower mainland for kumquats, and come up empty.

Fall is so designed for kids ...and apparently dogs. What better way to spend a few hours than whacking leaves or just rolling around on your back. It makes me wonder - would I enjoy doing these things too? Am I missing out on something so simple and easy to do? hmm.

Of course, a trip to the pumpkin patch is in order. Though, there seems to be a touch of disappointment with the choices made in our pumpkins.

Just a few pretty shots in the garden here at the farm. The blueberry bushes are stunning. Like they are on fire.
OH, the birdsnest recipe will be out in a day - my dad arrives tomorrow and insists I make them for him. So, I thought I'd document it and post the recipe for everyone.