It truly was the wettest two days of 2009. But, what can you do. Well, I made hot apple cider from our apples, and baked birds nest cookies using Missing Goat jam. Extra jam! Hopefully the two combined, would make the rainy venture bearable for those who came.

I love these cookies and always feel jipped when you buy one and the jam is superficially deep. They are also called thumbprint cookies. I like to use two or three thumbprints - makes for a better jam well!
I'm very happy with my shabby shack makeover. It's simple and happy. The aqua floors and red bits really pop. This stool I have been coveting for a week now. I found it at The Passionate Home in Langley, and had to have it. Carrie, a fellow blogger and the stores owner, gave it to me. How nice is that! Her store is full of treasures, but let me get the rest of mine out first!!
I added simple pretty bits. Gourds from the local farmers market, and rose hips from the yard - the ones that the llamas didn't manage to eat. Bloody llamas. Can't live with 'em, can live without 'em, thank God they are the neighbors.

We had jams to the left - Very Very Raspberry, Blueberry Lavender, and Strawberry Black Pepper and Mint.
Chutneys to the right - Apple and Curry, Blueberry Chutney, and mixed mini batches from copious amounts of fruits in the yard.
So, Welcome Missing Goat!! It's been a while, but now you are here. For those of you wondering what the deal is with the goat, I will tell you this.
Our goat is missing.
He is in France looking for Christine Ferber. She missed a step in her jam making book, and he wants answers. Frankly, he has been hell to live with ever since and we welcome the break. He's French Canadian and fancies himself a chef - need I say more!
Missing Goat web will be up in about a week, for now, please peak at my homepage: