Don't Panic, Ghosts Don't Exist..Right?

The garden was very pretty today. The red mountain ash berries are spectacular, the rose hips stunning and the last batch of rainbow swiss chard is way to pretty to eat.

In the house, I found a secret stash of chestnuts in my sleeping girls coat pocket. I made some grape juice from our concords, and I admired my new lamp - at a steal of a deal 32.00!!

All of this I pondered at the cafe, where I make my Missing Goat jams and chutney. It was chutney night, and I was, once again, trying a new way to avoid my eyes burning out of my head over the onions.
My husbands ski goggles didn't work, so I was worked up and crying already. This lead me to wonder why so many people go in through the out door and out through the in door. Why do they give you such a nasty look, like you are in their way. You are clearly coming in and they are clearly going out, but should be going in. This kind of thing really bothers me.
Anyways, I was locking up and about to leave when I got a frightful chill and heard an odd noise. I completely freaked out and was really scared. It then occurred to me, for the first time in months, that I was making jams in a heritage house that is rumoured to be haunted. Holy Mother..I FORGOT THIS!!
I'm there alone and the area is pretty dead - oh, no pun intended.
This place is old and supposedly a young girl took her life there a long long time ago. She lives in the basement.
On the way home - a very black cat with glowing yellow eyes jumped out in front of me. I almost ran him down. His eyes were yellow and terribly glowy.
Would you go back?
Pinecone camp, you don't need to answer - you are spook freak and I know you would be there in a shot.
I calmed down when I pulled in my driveway and a cute little bunny hopped along by my car. The evil was over, I was home.