Don't Panic, Ghosts Don't Exist..Right?

The garden was very pretty today. The red mountain ash berries are spectacular, the rose hips stunning and the last batch of rainbow swiss chard is way to pretty to eat.

In the house, I found a secret stash of chestnuts in my sleeping girls coat pocket. I made some grape juice from our concords, and I admired my new lamp - at a steal of a deal 32.00!!

All of this I pondered at the cafe, where I make my Missing Goat jams and chutney. It was chutney night, and I was, once again, trying a new way to avoid my eyes burning out of my head over the onions.
My husbands ski goggles didn't work, so I was worked up and crying already. This lead me to wonder why so many people go in through the out door and out through the in door. Why do they give you such a nasty look, like you are in their way. You are clearly coming in and they are clearly going out, but should be going in. This kind of thing really bothers me.
Anyways, I was locking up and about to leave when I got a frightful chill and heard an odd noise. I completely freaked out and was really scared. It then occurred to me, for the first time in months, that I was making jams in a heritage house that is rumoured to be haunted. Holy Mother..I FORGOT THIS!!
I'm there alone and the area is pretty dead - oh, no pun intended.
This place is old and supposedly a young girl took her life there a long long time ago. She lives in the basement.
On the way home - a very black cat with glowing yellow eyes jumped out in front of me. I almost ran him down. His eyes were yellow and terribly glowy.
Would you go back?
Pinecone camp, you don't need to answer - you are spook freak and I know you would be there in a shot.
I calmed down when I pulled in my driveway and a cute little bunny hopped along by my car. The evil was over, I was home.


Jane said...

well I certainly believe in ghosts. They are mostly benign I believe. I think the trick with onions is contact lenses. Since I got them 11 years ago I have not had one single tear, and I slice them all the time. Isn't it wierd that just covering part of your eyeball could make a difference?

mise said...

There now, it's ok. No ghosts target jam-makers and that's a well-known fact. Your new lamp is lovely and it's true about the in door and the out door. Some people are just like that. You need an OUT OUT door for them.

Flower Design Jane said...

I was slice onions under water ina washing up bowl, it works for me!

Courtney said...

Oooh, spooky! I don't think I'd go back by myself for a while, but I am a wuss.

Pinecone Camp said...

Be very afraid! I love ghosts, but I've never met one. The closest I came was at the Black Bull Inn in Haworth - I was sure I saw one of the Bronte sisters wandering around but it turned out to be a large plastic bag flying around in the wind. Dreams shattered.

blondiensc said...

I heard from someone if you freeze onion before you chop them, they loose their awful stinginess (is that a word) for the ghosts...well I do believe we have one that lingers around our house, he turns lights on and moves things, however...I am sure you are in fine company...I scare myself all the time, so much so i have to check on everyone in the house just to be sure!

vintage simple said...

When we first moved into our current house, I was convinced it was haunted. Every night, as we snuggled into bed and turned off the lights, we'd hear this...scratching sound in the walls - methodical and relentless.

I wasn't so much spooked as I was annoyed - I mean, why did this ghost have to be such a pill and start its work just as we were trying to sleep?? (And let me tell you at that point we had a three year old that was still not sleeping through the night! Do NOT mess with sleep-deprived mothers, ghosts!!)

At any rate, to make a long story short, the ghost ended up being a (drum roll, please)... mouse, chewing away at some electrical cord. And we, uh, took care of the situation - efficiently and painlessly, rest assured.

And as far as the in and out door issue - yep. Don't understand what's so complicated about it. But the nasty looks need to stop.


Heather Cameron said...

Ok, maybe I'm making a ghost out of a mole hill - it was the chill I got - but perhaps I was simply cold.
thanks for the onion tips - putting them in the freezer for a while does work - unless you forget about them. I bought onion goggles at the kitchen shop! they work well.

koralee said...

Soooooo cute..well for us to read..maybe notso much for you as you are making your jams in a ghost infested home. Would I go back???....hummmmmmm...I would really have to think about that! Take someone along with you next time!!!
If you ever ever find a way to cut onions without crying please please I beg you let me know....I have tried everything...well not ski googles..which is a very good idea if you ask me!

Lovely images....lovely story...lovely blog...lovely you...I'll stop there! xoxoxox

Cathi said...

beautiful photos and wonderful story!

Andrea - Faded Plains said...

Super cute post...and yep...I'd go back.