Happy Birthday Midge..

What does a magazine stylist do with a lot of time on her hands and stacks of tissue paper??? She goes crazy for her daughters second birthday. Having a birthday in November means no peonies, no roses, no happy garden parties festooned with bright, bold colours. As my dear friend Janis would say, that's bunk. So I brought it all inside.

It's still a fall palette, it just has a bit of pizazz!

I love that cheap bunches of coloured tissue can become dreamy floating pom poms. I have to thank Megan who pointed out this project to me on Martha Stewart. If you are tight on pennies, and boy, tell me who isn't, this is an awesome way to bedazzle your guests. You can make them as big or small as you like. For about two dollars each, these big boys I made filled the room.

My girl loves lady bugs. I made cupcake bugs and placed them all over the table. It looked like an invasion - but a pretty tasty one! Pom pom flowers filled the vases, and who can resist these wafer cookies. Didn't your granny have a package in her cupboard!

I thought I should go over some candle blowing strategies. Important in avoiding to many boyfriends at this age.
Step 1 - take a deep breath.

Step 2 - take an even deeper breath.
Step 3 - oh so gently... blow.

I should also mention that I've been interviewed by Natalie Walton way over in Australia. Natalie is the Deputy Editor of Real Living Magazine and has a fabulous blog 'daily imprint'. Check it out..Thanks Natalie.