Have You Seen..Missing Goat.com..

All the stories over all the years that I have worked on for magazines, including Oprah at Home, don't compare to the anxiety I have when trying to do my own thing. I could drive myself bonkers. I do drive myself bonkers. And everyone I know too. I've tortured my friend Janis, who patiently helps me and points out the obvious. The obvious which is not so obvious to me, till it's pointed out by her. Thank you dear friend.

All of that being said, my point to all of this is that Missing Goat website is now launched.


have a peak, let me know what you think.


Gigi said...

It's wonderful, Heather! So cheerful and funny, and the photos are really beautiful. Can people from away order your products or are they only available locally?

xo Gigi

LuLu said...

Oh Heather, it looks beautiful and all your hardwork, love for what you do shows!!! It's utterly fantastic,

Finds said...

Hi Heather,
Way to go!!
I like to stop by and see what you are up to. I certainly admire you and the farm. Organic is fabby.
Have you put your blog on your shop site? I didn't see it.

vintage simple said...

I think you need to fret no more.... You've created a beautiful place, one which reflects your sense of humor and your beautiful aesthetic. There will probably little kinks to be figured out along the way, like the details that were mentioned in the comments above - a link to the blog and whether the jams and chutneys can be ordered internationally...that kind of thing. I really can't think of anything else. It looks really beautiful. You shuould be really proud of yourself, Heather.


blondiensc said...

Love the new website...wish I lived a wee bit closer so I could come and visit!! Congrats!

Cathi said...

What a beautiful website....Congratulations!

kate / tinywarbler said...

it looks great heather- congratualtions! see, no need to drive yourself bonkers.

mise said...

It's lovely, Heather and Janis, and it looks just my cup of tea for a visit if only I lived anywhere near: exotic and charming and natural. And I think the 'really' on the front page seems somehow self-disparaging, needlessly so. Well done.

Barbara said...

It's a beautiful website, Heather!
Don't go bonkers- you should be proud of yourself. Enjoy it!