Lights, Camera, Action..

The kitchen was finished yesterday morning. The crew arrived in the afternoon. It was cookie making day, live on TV, with famous girl about town Tamara Taggart.

All my fretting, all my concerns about the house, the kitchen, my face, remembering to swallow my saliva...mattered not one bit. From the very beginning, and for the entire two hours, my girl Midge, stole the show.

Hi my name is Heather, I'm a professional stylist for magazines and...oh, who the hell cares, lets just see this kid ice the cookies.

I know I couldn't have carried off this look. And no one would have been charmed if I took off my pants and skipped about the house singing.

Tamara and the crew were fabulously fun to have in my home. It was my husbands birthday, and boy, it's was a memorable one!